Commonly asked Cue Cards in Oct. – Nov. 2017

Commonly asked Cue Cards in Oct. – Nov. 2017

Refer to the following cue cards to have a better idea about the kind of questions asked in the IELTS Speaking Interviews lately.

I shall be updating more soon.

1.      Describe a piece of furniture in your home that you often use.
·        What is it?
·        Where do you keep it?
·        What does it look like? (What is it made of?)
·        How or why do you use it?

2.      What is your idea of a perfect home?
·        Where would it be?
·        How would it look?
·        Why do you want to have such kind of a house?

3.      Talk about an achievement you are proud of.
·        What did you do?
·        When did it happen?
·        Why did that achievement make you proud?

4.      Describe a long car journey you took.
·        Where did you go?
·        What did you do at that place?
·        Who did you go with?
·        Why did you take a car for that journey?

5.      Talk about a local food item that is common in your country.
·        What is it?
·        How is it made? (How is its appearance?)
·        How often do you have it?

6.      Describe a piece of good news you heard from others.
·        What was it?
·        When and how did you receive that news?
·        Why do you feel it was good news?

7.      Talk about the time when someone gave you positive suggestions / advice.
·        When did this happen?
·        Who gave you the suggestion / advice?
·        What did you do after that?
·        Why was the suggestion / advice positive for you?

8.      Describe a time when you felt happy that you used your cell phone.
·        When and where did it happen?
·        Who were you with?
·        Why did you feel happy?

9.      Describe a good decision someone made.
·        What was the decision?
·        Who made it and when?
·        Why do you think it was a good decision?

10. Describe an important letter that you received.
·        When did you receive it?
·        Who was it from?
·        What did the letter contain?
·        How did you feel about it?

11. Describe someone who is knowledgeable according to you.
·        Who is that person?
·        How do you know him / her?
·        What kind of things does he know?
·        How do you feel about this person?

12. Talk about an interesting person you met from another country.
·        Who is this person?
·        What does he do?
·        Why is he interesting to you?

13. Describe something that you bought after an advertisement you saw.
·        What is it?
·        Where did you see it or hear about it?
·        How was the advertisement?
·        Why did you feel like buying the product?

14. Talk about someone who you think is an excellent parent.
·        Who is he / she and where does he / she live?
·        Describe his / her personality.
·        Why did you get impressed by him / her?

15. Talk about science subjects that you learned in high school.
·        Name and describe the subjects you learnt.
·        Which of these did you like?
·        Talk about the teachers that taught these subjects.

16. Describe a leisure facility (cinema, theatre, sports centre) you would like to have in your hometown.
·        What is it?
·        Did you see this facility elsewhere? Where?
·        When did you go there?
·        How you feel about having such a facility?

17. Talk about a place where people go to listen to music.
·        Where is it?
·        What kind of music is performed there?
·        What kind of people come there? Why?
·        What is your opinion of this place?

18. Describe an interesting place you know that not many people know about.
·        What and where is it?
·        When can you go there?
·        What can you do there?
·        Why do only a few people know about it?

19. Talk about an English lesson you enjoyed.
·        Who was giving the lecture?
·        When and where did you attend it?
·        What did the teacher do to make the lesson enjoyable?

20. Describe a product you got for free.
·        What was the product?
·        Who gave it to you?
·        When did you get it?
·        How did you feel on getting it?

21. Describe a couple who you think have a happy marriage.
·        Who are they?
·        How long have they been married?
·        How do they live their lives?
·        Why do you think they are happily married?

22. Describe a garden you used to visit regularly when you were young.
·        Where is it located?
·        How did it look like?
·        What kind of people visited the garden?

23. Talk about a clever decision made by someone to solve a problem.
·        What was the problem?
·        Who took the decision and what was it?
·        What did that person do?
·        Why was the decision a clever one?

24. Talk about a gift you bought for someone recently which made you happy.
·        What was the gift?
·        Who did you buy it for?
·        Where did you buy it from?
·        How did you feel after gifting it?

25. Describe an important invention that has changed our lives.
·        What is it?
·        What does it do?
·        Why is it popular among all?
·        How do people feel about it?

26. Describe a time when you had to move for work or study.
·        When was this?
·        Where and why did you have to move?
·        How did you feel after moving?

27. Describe a piece of clothing given to you by someone. (Favourite piece of clothing)
·        When did you get the clothing?
·        What was it like?
·        Who gave it to you?
·        Explain how you felt about it.

28. Talk about a rule in your school.
·        What was the rule?
·        Did you like / dislike it? Why?
·        What happened if students broke the rule?

29. Talk about a successful businessman.
·        Who is he?
·        How do you know him?
·        What does he do?
·        Why do you think he’s successful?

30. Describe a situation when someone gave positive comments about some work you did for them.
·        What work did you do?
·        When did you do it?
·        What comments did they give you?

31. Describe a plant / flower in your country.
·        Where is it grown?
·        Is it important in your country? Why?
·        What do you like / dislike about it?

32. Describe a kind of foreign food you have had.
·        What was it?
·        When and where did you have it?
·        How did you feel after eating it?

33. Talk about an exciting book you read.
·        When did you read it?
·        What type of book is it?
·        What is it about?
·        Why did you find it interesting?

34. Describe a time you went to a crowded place.
·        Where was this place?
·        When and why did you go there?
·        What did you do there?
·        How did you feel about that place?

35. Describe a town or city you visited that you liked.
·        Where is this city?
·        When and why did you visit it?
·        Why did you like it?
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