Word of the day - ABANDON

Abandon [pronunciation: a-ban-done]
verb: abandon; 3rd person present: abandons; past tense: abandoned; past participle: abandoned; gerund or present participle: abandoning

  •      as a verb
1.     stop supporting or looking after something or someone; to leave something or someone without meaning to return (to leave, to desert, to turn one’s back on something)
a)     Nowadays, people abandon their parents in their old age. (That's so sad!)
b)    We can’t abandon Gaurav when he needs our help!
c)     Why did my cat abandon me? (It’s heartbreaking)

2.     give up completely (stop, discontinue, quit)
a)     This plan isn’t working; let’s abandon it and try something else.
b)    The ruling party may abandon its policy of raising taxes.

  •         as an adjective
neglected, deserted, has been empty / unused for a very long time
a)     an abandoned vehicle
b)    an abandoned house in the field
c)     Last night, I heard noises from the abandoned house down the street.

Some more:
a)     The captain abandoned his ship! (past tense)
b)    Don’t you dare think of abandoning these children, Mark! (gerund or present participle)
c)     Don’t worry, Maya! I will never abandon you! (present tense)
d)    The plane crashed in the sea. All the survivors got abandoned on a nearby island. (past participle)
e)     Nobody wants to buy that old, abandoned mill! (adjective)
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