IELTS Speaking Cue Card - Describe a good law in your country.

Describe a good law in your country.
  • What is the law?
  • How did you come to know about this law?
  • Whom does the law affect?
  • Why do you think the law is good?

Sir / Ma’am, the law that I can say that I like the most is the countrywide ban on smoking in public places. I have to admit that I know very less about laws in India to be able to elaborate on them, but as this law has received a lot of media publicity, I am more aware about this law. This law was established sometime in 2008. Under this law, you cannot smoke in public places in India. If you do, you have to pay a heavy fine. Some of the public places in this sense that I can remember right now are cinema halls, auditoriums, restaurants and hotels, bus stops and railway stations, hospitals, schools and colleges, offices, malls and gardens and parks. The government has also prohibited selling tobacco products near schools and colleges. I think this is a very good law because the problem of passive smoking in my country was very severe. It is said that people who inhale passive smoke have more chances of getting cancer than people who smoke cigarettes. By this law, people in public places like children, pregnant women, elderly people, people with breathing disorders will be saved from the bad effects of public smoking. Also, by enforcing this law, the government may succeed in discouraging people to smoke frequently which is also a very positive thing. So these are the reasons why I like this law.

Note: You can also talk about other laws in India such as

  • laws against female foeticide / dowry / domestic violence,
  • ban on plastic bags,
  • laws on road safety, etc.

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