IELTS Speaking Cue Card - Talk about an interesting bird that you saw.

Talk about an interesting bird that you saw for the first time.


·       Describe it.

·       When and where did you see it?

·       Why was it so interesting?



The interesting bird that I would like to talk about today is called a Blue Macaw or a Hyacinth Macaw.  I am generally very fond of watching the nature and different kinds of birds. Unfortunately I live in the city, so I don't get a lot of chance to look out for such kind of nature’s beautiful creations. One time, a couple of years back, we were entertaining guests from out of town and we decided to take them to (Lake’s name), a beautiful, natural lake which is around an hour away from my city. This lake is popularly known for bird-watching because a lot of migratory birds visit here in the winter. So, we reached the lake early in the morning at around 5:00 a.m. because we wanted to watch the sunrise, as well as experience the wilderness and nature in the silence of the dawn. We settled down at a scenic spot, and while sitting and talking, I suddenly saw a very strikingly blue-coloured bird fly past our group and perch itself on the branch of a tree nearby. I was immediately fascinated because I had never seen such a brilliant, blue-coloured bird in my life before. I immediately Googled the kind of bird it could be, and that's when I found out that it was called the Hyacinth Macaw. I read a little bit more and found out that it is basically a parrot, and it is longer than any other species of parrots. It had a pointed tail and it was entirely blue except for its tail which was kind of like a greyish-blue colour and it was very easily distinguishable. The bird also had a bright yellow ring around its eyes, and under the beak.
I obviously showed this bird to my guests and my family members and everyone was equally captivated by its beauty and its uniqueness. We clicked a few pictures of it discreetly, but we couldn’t get a closer shot because we did not want to scare the bird away.

So, this was my experience of having seen a very attractive, unique bird for the first time.

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