#50 - IELTS Speaking test in Nigeria – June 2016

Test # 50

Personal Questions
– Where do you live at the moment?
I live at my apartment in an old residential neighbourhood in my city called Paldi. I live in a 3 storeyed low rise building on the second floor.

– Do you like it there?
Yes I like it there! I have been living there since I was 7 and I know the neighbours very nicely and I’m familiar with all the lanes and by-lanes of the neighbourhood. All the facilities we need are available nearby my house so I’m very comfortable living there.

– Will you be living there for a long time?
No I and my parents are planning to take a bigger place in the newly developing areas of Ahmedabad. Maybe we’ll shift in a year or so.

– Do you like the transportation system in your city?
Yes I like the transportation system but I have a few reserves…the frequency and routes of the buses are fine, but the buses themselves are very poorly maintained, and the seats are very uncomfortable. The rickshaw fare in my city is also very high. Otherwise, the transportation of my city is fine.

– What can be done to improve it?
I think the government should introduce new buses and remove the old canister-looking buses. And there should be some regulation on the rickshaw fares, the charging system needs to be made more transparent to the public.

Cue Card
Talk about a creative person that you know and admire, such as an artist, musician, inventor and so on. Please say
– Who is this person?
– What is his/her greatest success?
– Why do you admire him/her?
I would like to talk about a Bollywood actor of my country. His name is Hrithik Roshan and he is very popular in the film fraternity. I think he is very creative because he has done a variety of roles in his acting career and he has always experimented with his performances. This one particular film where he played the character of a fully grown abnormal boy was endearing, and at the same time his acting was extremely flawless and captivating. He won many awards for this portrayal, as well as for many other roles that he’s played, he has won many accolades. His movie also got nominated at international film festivals and he’s become famous in the Hollywood film industry too. His chiselled looks and amazing body has made him the heartthrob of women world over. He is a very fit guy and is very humble and down to earth. These things make me admire him the most. It is said that since childhood he liked to act and mimic different actors and he used to practice in front of a mirror at his house. Once his father caught him doing that and directed him to learn acting professionally. He’s learned from some of the best coaches in the industry but his own talent is incomparable.

– Did you meet him/her personally?
No unfortunately I haven’t. I have seen him at an event from a distance, but I haven’t met him personally. I hope I do someday.

– Do you consider yourself a creative person? Why?
No I don’t have a lot of creativity in me I’m afraid. In school too I was very poor in art class and could hardly draw a straight line. I’m also not very good with colour combinations and such stuff.

– Do you think creative people are important to the society? Why?
Yes creative people like musicians, actors, painters bring a different perspective for things in front of people. Creative people are able to visualize things in a way that normal people cannot. For example, if I have to gift wrap something, I’d just do it normally with a good wrapping paper, but a creative person would also decorate it with a bow or some other embellishments that makes the gift look more distinguished.

– Is it necessary for children to learn painting and drawing?
Yes I’d completely agree to this as I have my own experience to consider her. If children can learn painting and drawing from an early age, they can at least draw basic structures in later life, say drawing diagrams in college, or drawing flowers on a card to give someone.

– Do you think it is important for children to play a musical instrument?
I don’t say it’s important, but I think it would be nice if everyone knew how to play at least one musical instrument. It is a very good skill and comes quite handy at parties to grab attention. For example if you know how to play a guitar or a piano, you can impress many people at a party and this skill can break the ice between you and others.

– Do you think computers help children to be more creative?
Yes…internet and computers give us so much information for enhancing our creativity. For example there’s a site called Pinterest.com where people post their creations in regards to cooking, making things out of waste, decorating, gifting ideas and much more. Children can browse through such sites and know more about increasing their creativity for arts and crafts.
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