#53 - IELTS Speaking test in Chile – June 2016 (Academic Module)

Test # 53

Personal Questions
– Do you like going to the cinema? Why?
Yes I do! Going to the cinemas is one of my favourite past times as I’m fond of watching movies. I usually go to watch all good new movie releases…the last time I went was last Saturday for a new Salman Khan movie that released.

– Do you have plans for the next weekend?
Yes I do…since its monsoon, I and my friends have decided to go to one of my friend’s farmhouse for the weekend and hang out. Since it’s going to be around fields and trees, we’ll be able to enjoy some pretty good monsoon scenery.

Cue Card
Talk about a tradition in your country. Please say
– What is it?
– What are the origins of this tradition?
– Do you follow it? Why?
I would like to talk about a tradition called “Raavan dahan” in my country… which in English means burning effigy of Raavan. Raavan was a ten-headed rakshasa who lived hundreds of years ago, according to Hindu mythological epic Ramayan. He was a great scholar but was an arrogant ruler of Lanka, now known as Sri Lanka, and he abducted Lord Ram’s wife Sita, in hopes of marrying her himself. Ram, his brother Lakshman, their disciple Hanuman and an army fought a battle to rescue Sita. Finally, Lord Ram defeated and killed Raavan and they all came back to their home Ayodhya. To mark this triumph of good over evil, big huge effigies of Raavan are prepared many days before Dussehra, and are stuffed with fire-crackers. These crackers are then lit and the effigy burns symbolizing the vanquishment of evil. This is a very interesting tradition because even children are quite eager to watch this burning in the form of a fire-work display, at the same time being taught about the legend of Ram and Raavan. Most of all, I find the folk-lore behind this very intriguing. Almost everyone in my country, from children to aged, are aware about this tradition and celebrate it with zeal and enthusiasm. However, I used to attend this traditional event till I was 14, then I grew up and started finding it a bit boring. So I don’t follow this now.

– What are the differences between your life and the life of traditional people in your country?
The traditional people of my country live more of a simpler life. They are not as addicted to technology as I would be. Traditional people are also more grounded with their achievements and values, but sometimes they’re also very rigid in terms of mentality. I mean they might not be as broad-minded as we are……oh yes, and traditional people would like to live in joint families, or closer to their relatives. So basically traditional people lead a more disciplined life with distinct set of rules, where I and my family has a more liberal lifestyle.

– Would you like to live such a life?
I wouldn’t mind to live like this for a few days. In fact, once a year our whole family holds a family vacation where every member is supposed to come and we all stay together for a few days. However, I would like to be this way only for a few days, as I am used to having my personal space as well, and after a while, I need to be alone without anyone’s company.

– Do you think technology is related to environmental care? Why?
Ummm I’m not sure if I’m going to answer this correctly, but I do feel that technology is related to environmental care. I’d like to state an example of tree less papers here, due to technology it is now possible to even create a premium quality paper from recycled material. Technology has also given us fuel-less cars that run on electricity. But unfortunately more of the technology is harming the environment rather than caring for it…..may be because people just don’t care that much…..
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