Compliment vs. Complement

Compliment vs. Complement
Both the words sound the same. This is why the confusion arises.
Also, because of this confusion, you may also make mistakes in their usage sometimes.
Let’s get straight to the point.
A COMPLIMENT means praise; a flattering remark (given to someone).
A COMPLEMENT means an addition to something; addition in a way that it makes that ‘something’ better.

When to use them
Use COMPLIMENT when you want to praise someone i.e. say good things for them. Compliment is both a noun and a verb.
As a noun – My friends paid me many compliments about my new diamond earrings.
As a verb - My friends complimented me on my new diamond earrings.

Use COMPLEMENT when you want to talk about two objects – and you want to say that adding object B to the Object A will make object A look or become better. Complement is also, both a noun and a verb.
As a noun – A glass of Coca-Cola is a perfect complement to pizza.
As a verb - A glass of Coca-Cola complements a pizza perfectly.

Here are a few more sentences:-
I went there to compliment her on her dress. (As a verb)
‘I’ll take that as a compliment!’ (As a noun)
Let’s go and compliment Mr. Sharma on how great his party is. (As a verb)
This maroon scarf would totally complement your navy blue top. (As a verb)
I think the blue wallpaper would be a perfect complement to the grey curtains in this room. (As a noun)
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  1. Thanks for explaining this very thin line of difference between compliment and complement. If someone praises my designer diamond jewellery, it is a compliment!


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