Quick IELTS Reading exercises - T / F / NG # 2

Read the following passage:
The treadmill as we know today is an exercising machine found in gyms. But treadmills are as old as the 19th century. They were originally used as an apparatus for power generation driven by manual or animal labour.

Read the sentence and mark if it is
TRUE                   the statement should agree with the information
FALSE                 the statement should contradict the information
NOT GIVEN       there should be no information about this

  • The earliest known treadmills were far from the purpose of recreation.
 Type your answers in the comments below.

Note: The answer and explanation to this exercise shall be updated in the comments.
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  1. The correct answer is - TRUE.

    Explanation - The paragraph talks about treadmills existing even in the 19th century. But not in the same form as the modern-day treadmills. They were originally used to generate power, which is not at all the same purpose that they are being used for today(exercising).


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