Quick IELTS Reading exercises - T / F / NG # 1

Read the following passage:

My name is Riya. This is Sheena. Sheena is 8 years old. She is my best friend. We both study in the same school. We both study in the 4th standard. We always play together.

Read the sentence and mark if it is
TRUE                   the statement should agree with the information
FALSE                 the statement should contradict the information
NOT GIVEN       there should be no information about this
  •  I and Sheena both are 8 years old. 

Type your answers in the comments below.

Note: The answer and explanation to this exercise shall be updated in the comments.
Quick IELTS Reading exercises - T / F / NG # 1 Quick IELTS Reading exercises - T / F / NG # 1 Reviewed by Devanshi on July 10, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. The answer to the question is - NOT GIVEN.
    Explanation: The paragraph gives information about the two girls. Almost all the information is similar for both Riya and Sheena, but the age is specifically mentioned for Sheena only. There is no clear information about whether Riya is also of the same age.


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