Quick IELTS Reading exercises - T / F / NG # 3

Read the following passage:
Some people argue that museums shouldn’t have any entry fee. As a museum is a public place, they say everyone from the society should be able to afford to go to the museum. Nevertheless, a significant component of the museums’ revenue is accumulated from the money it earns through footfall.

Read the sentence and mark if it is
TRUE                   the statement should agree with the information
FALSE                  the statement should contradict the information
NOT GIVEN       there should be no information about this

  • The primary income of a museum is its admission charge.
Type your answers in the comments below.

Note: The answer and explanation to this exercise shall be updated in the comments.
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  1. The correct answer is - TRUE. Explanation - The paragraph's last line asserts that an important chunk of the money the museum earns (its revenue) comes through footfall (the number of people entering the museum).

  2. yes agreed footfall brings a considerable amount of money, however that is primary source of Income that is not mentioned,therefore, it should be NG. Isn't?

  3. I believe it should be true..
    Plz clarify the answer


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