IELTS Graph # 4 - Diagram showing how fruit is canned

Graph # 4 - Process diagram

The diagram shows how fruit is canned. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. 

Write at least 150 words.

The process of packing the fruits into cans consists of numerous steps and these steps are to be performed meticulously as quality and taste of the fruits have to be maintained for a long time.

The initial stage consists of various steps including the collection of fruits from the farm manually, transporting to the packaging plant and to wash the fruits to get rid of extra impurities. The next stage involves quality checking; precaution is taken so that no rotten fruit is present in the lot. Then, the fruits are stored at a very low temperature for further processing.

Thereafter start the major procedures for canning fruits. Firstly, according to the predefined quantity to be filled into the cans, the fruits are weighed in a weighing machine. They are then peeled and cut into small pieces and the core of the fruit which contains the seeds is scooped out. A pick-and-place machine loads the cans with the chopped fruits.

The final stage includes complimentary steps like sealing the cans and cooking them so that they can be preserved for long. Then the company's logo is labelled on the cans and they are moved into the storage room from where they would further be despatched to the consumers.

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