Kruti Patel

Hello, my name is Kruti S Patel. I have scored 6.5 overall in IELTS exam. Devanshi Ma'am guided me in such a way that made IELTS very easy for me. She taught me to work in a smart way and how to get great score in less time.

As per my experience, IELTS Reading section is tough. For that we need to practice more. Otherwise, Listening section just needs attention; Speaking section is all about your speech fluency and mainly, confidence. Writing section also depends on practice.

Work hard and you will definitely get a good score. Along with practice you must need some good guide, as I had Devanshi Ma'am.
Because of her I have got the following score in IELTS:
L - 6.5
R - 6.5
W - 6
S - 6

Kruti S. Patel

Age: 22 years
Edu. Qual.: B. Pharm.
Destination country: Canada
Kruti Patel Kruti Patel Reviewed by Devanshi on February 22, 2016 Rating: 5

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