#37 - IELTS Speaking test in India – June 2016 (General Training)

Test # 37

- What is your full name?
My name is (name_surname).

- Can I see your ID?
Yes sure!

- Where are you from?
I'm from (city). It is the (biggest/metro/industrial….) city of the state of (State’s name), situated in the (northern/western) part of my country.

- Do you work or study?
I’m a college student. I study at MSK College of Commerce.

- What subject are you studying?
I’m studying to be a Bachelor in Commerce studies. I’m in the last year of my three year course. I study accountancy, statistics and business administration.

- Why do you think people choose such a subject in your country?
I am not sure about my country, but in my community this career is very popular as my community is centrally business oriented. So graduation is accountancy and book-keeping and administration is very much relevant to the career they’re gonna have afterwards.

- Do you like reading books?
Yes I do.

- What type of books do you read?
I like reading fiction novels – mainly mystery, adventure and thrillers.

- Are you reading a book presently?
Yes I am reading Stephen King’s novel named End of Watch. It is about a psychological murderer who kills a bunch of people and two brave people who decide to stop him.

- Would you like to write a book in the future?
I don’t know, maybe I would. I think it’ll be a very rewarding experience. If I do, I’d write something in thriller fiction only.

Cue Card
Talk about something that you bought recently that you are pleased with. Please say:
- What is it?
- When and where did you buy it?
- Why do you like it?

I recently bought a pair of shoes that I’m very happy about. I was looking for a pair of formal shoes since a long time but the ones I liked were either too expensive or not exactly in my size. Anyways, a friend of mine told me about a sale going on at a major retail store in my city so I went to check out if I could find the kind of shoes I wanted. Sure enough, I found a fine pair of tan coloured leather shoes that were semi casual, so I could wear them under jeans, as well as under formals and tuxes. Since I got them at a sale, the price was also quite appealing. I got the chance to wear them a week later at a relative’s engagement ceremony, and a few of my cousins were impressed with my shoes and even asked where they could buy those from. All that made me feel really pleased about my purchase and the fact that I didn’t shop impulsively before and spend too much on something I could’ve gotten for much less.

- Why do you think people buy second-hand products?
Ummm…..maybe because they don’t want to spend too much. For example buying a phone that costs Rs. 30,000 might be too overpriced for some, but they would like to use it for the features, so they’d buy it second hand for a lesser price.

- Why do people sell second-hand goods and advertise them on the Internet?
Internet has a wide reach and people selling second-hand stuff can get a good reception from potential buyers. Websites like OLX and Quikr assist sellers to sell their old stuff legitimately and offer genuine buying requests so that people don’t have to engage middlemen for such things.

- Do you think advertising fools people?
It does somewhat…Advertising is a great medium for people to know about the products in the market, but nowadays advertisers go a little too far in promoting their products and sometimes can’t draw the line between exaggeration and fabrication of facts. So this kind of advertising does fool a lot of lay people.
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