#44 - IELTS Speaking test in Nepal – June 2016 (Academic Module)

N.B.: From this post onwards, we are going to skip the  recurring questions of the IELTS Speaking interviews, like:

- What is your full name?
- Can I see your ID?
- Where are you from?
- Do you work or study?

You may refer to the earlier IELTS Speaking posts for checking out the answers to the above mentions questions.

Test # 44

Personal questions
- Do you like to sing songs?
Umm yes I do…but not in front of anyone. I mean I sing while working, or taking a shower, or cooking. But I haven’t sung in public till now.

- What songs do you prefer to sing? Why?
There’s no particular preference….it’s like whatever song I’ve heard recently gets stuck in my mind, and I keep singing that.

- Do you read magazines or newspapers? Why?
I read magazines sometimes, like the other day I went to a salon and had to wait for 20 minutes, so meanwhile I picked up a Filmfare magazine from their rack and read it. So in such situations I read them, otherwise I don’t read magazines or newspapers.

- Which type of magazines are you used to reading?
If I have to, I’d like to read magazines on Bollywood, fashion, food, health and lifestyle.

Cue Card
Describe an interesting open place in your town. Please say
- What is this place?
- What activities can you do there?
- Why do you find it interesting?
An interesting open place in my town Ahmedabad is the Sabarmati Riverfront which is a recent infrastructural waterfront development along the river Sabarmati that flows through my town. It is hundreds of acres long. Its main objective was to improve the environment by reducing erosion of the banks and flooding of low lying areas of the city by the walls constructed on the both banks. The roads along the riverside are constructed with footpaths, parking bays, carriage ways and cycle tracks for people to enjoy recreational activities there. Even boating facilities have been launched in the last few months. At some distances there are parks and gardens which are beautifully manicured for people’s enjoyment. It hosts several annual events in my city like the Sabarmati Marathon, Sabarmati Cyclothon, flower shows, International Kite Festival[18] and air shows. The government has also proposed to build residential complexes there in the future. Its continuous promenade attracts runners and fitness enthusiasts.

- How often do you visit this place?
I used to visit the river stretch near my house regularly in the early mornings to take a walk or jog. But since two weeks I haven’t been able to go due to a lot of work that keeps me up late at night.

- When did you visit it for the last time? Were you alone or with someone?
I visited it around two weeks back, on a Sunday. I went there as usual for my morning walk, and also invited two of my friends for company. They arrived a little later than me, and in the meantime I ran a couple of lengths.

- What did you do there?
After my friends arrived, we sat down at a cozy spot and had tea from the tea-vendor there. The morning was very pleasant and not very sunny so we stayed there for half an hour and talked about random things happening in our lives, took photographs, and made plans to meet for dinner that day with all the other friends as well. 
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