#45 - IELTS Speaking test in Bangladesh – June 2016

Test # 45

Personal questions
- Do you work or study?
I’m studying Bachelor of Commerce from RK College of Commerce.

- What subject are you studying?
My major subjects are accountancy, statistics, and business administration. Together these all teach me how to manage a business and the dealing of accounts.

- Why did you choose it?
I am very good with numbers and calculations so accounts was a natural choice. Consequently I score very good marks in accounts in my class.

- Is it popular among students?
Yes B.Com. is a very popular degree course among students in my country. As I said it instructs you on the basics of business administration so a lot of people opt for this as my country is mainly business oriented.

Cue Card
Talk about a dinner with friends that you had recently. Please say
- Who organized the dinner?
- What kind of food did you eat?
- What did you talk about during the dinner?
I recently went for dinner with my girl friends. They actually are my classmates from school. A few of them are married so we don’t get enough time to hangout. Luckily, one of us had the idea of a reunion and we were able to find a time suitable for everyone, and we decided to go for dinner in a very authentic Italian cuisine restaurant. We went to a place called La’ Atelier, which I suggested. I had heard a lot about this place, and one or two dishes of this place were highly recommended. Anyways, we decided to meet at 8 and reached the venue accordingly. The ambience of the place was like a small Italian eatery, like from the movies, and me and my friends liked the place very much. We ordered for ourselves and meanwhile we got talking about each other and all the happenings in our lives. We talked about our present careers and future goals, and personal relationships. We also got a bit nostalgic and reminisced about out school days and all the fun we had together. The food arrived and the signature dishes lived up to their expectations! We had ordered lasagne, pizza, two kinds of pasta, and everything was very delicious! While eating, we also gossiped about some other classmates and the evening turned out to be a pretty great one! We enjoyed the food as much as we enjoyed each other's company, and I was really very glad to see my friends had a wonderful time!

- What was the occasion?
It was no occasion actually. We all wanted to meet each other so we asked everyone on our Whatsapp messaging group and the plan just worked out.

- Do you often have dinner with friends?
Yes I do! I have either lunch or dinner with friends at least once a week.

- Why is that?
In Ahmedabad, there are no pubs or bars or clubs where we can go and hang out and have a different time. Here the people love eating a lot so there are uncountable restaurants in the city and they have only become the places to hang out and chill with friends.

- Let’s talk about the elderly.

- How are the elderly treated in your country? Why?
In my country the elderly are revered greatly and are taken care of by every family member. We have a culture of living in joint families so no one ever leaves the grandparents or the elderly members of the house alone; there is always someone to accompany them, or talk to them. Of course there are exceptions of certain people who abandon their parents and leave them at an elderly shelter, but even there too the old people are cared for very nicely.

- Who should take care of them in your opinion, the government or their family?
I believe family comes first when it comes to taking care of family members. You can expect the government to provide medical facilities and financial help and all other modern facilities also that the elderly might require. But you cannot leave the entire task of caring for the elderly on the government.

- How should the society behave towards them? Why?
The society need to be patients, affectionate, sympathetic and caring towards the elderly. One thing we need to keep in mind is that we are in the queue too! So we should treat them the way we want to be treated in our old age.
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