#39 - IELTS Speaking test in Myanmar – June 2016 (Academic Module)

Test # 39

- What is your full name?
My name is (name_surname).

- Can I see your ID?
Yes sure!

- Where are you from?
I'm from (city). It is the (biggest/metro/industrial….) city of the state of (State’s name), situated in the (northern/western) part of my country.

- Do you work or study?
I'm studying (course name) from (college name) in (location/city).
I’m working as a (designation) in a (local/international/private/government) firm called (company name).

- Where do you live now?
This question is ideal if the city where you’re from and the city where you live currently is different. If both are the same they probably won’t ask you this question, otherwise you may answer about the neighbourhood you’re living in.
I live in (area name). It is one of the oldest residential neighbourhoods of my city.

- Is it a flat or a house?
I live in a flat. It is a 3 bedroom apartment with a living room and a kitchen.

- Do you like living there? Why?
Yes I do! My neighbourhood is a peaceful one with friendly neighbours and all basic amenities are available around my apartment like a supermarket for grocery shopping and a chemist.

- What kind of noise is the most disturbing in your opinion?
I think in cities the most disturbing noise is the noise of traffic, especially of the incessant honking that people do. It gives me a headache!

- What are some of the noise-related problems?
As I said you can get headaches, migraines, you can become irritable, and carry that bad mood for the next few hours too. Over and above all this, the hearing problems are quite obvious.

- What do you do in your free time?
I like to read in my free time, or watch my favourite sitcoms or movies on my computer. On weekdays I get free only at nights after work, so I usually do all this at that time.

- Why do you like to do it?
Well I like reading so whenever I’m free I’d want to do things that I like. And watching sitcoms and movies is something that I get greatly entertained by, so I like to do that too. It makes me relaxed and happy.

- How often do you go swimming?
Not very often…I don’t know how to swim actually. I go to the pool when someone plans a get-together there, or when we’re on vacation somewhere near water.

Cue Card
Talk about a person that you like to spend most of your time with. Please say
- Who is this person?
- How did you both meet?
- Why do you like to spend your time with him/her?
I love spending time with my best friend Priya. She and I have been friends since we were 8 years old and we’ve studied in the same school. We have a lot of things in common so we can talk with each other very comfortably. Even our opinions about people are similar. When we get together, we gossip a lot about our classmates and people in our circles. We also love food so we discuss recipes and try making them too. Lately we’ve become fond of cosmetic brands as well, so we try and watch videos about how to use different products. All this apart, we also listen to each other’s advice very faithfully, so whenever any of us is in a situation where we need help, we talk it out and help each other in any way we can. I always want to spend time with her and even if we’ve sat for hours together, I still feel I have a lot more to talk with her.

- How long have you known each other?
As we know each other since we were 8, so it is roughly 18 years now of our friendship.

- How often do you meet with him/her?
Every weekend nowadays…earlier we used to meet whenever we wanted, it was like 4-5 times a week, but since both of us are too busy with many things in our lives we get time only on Saturdays or Sundays.

- How can conversation help us in our daily life?
Talking to people keeps us happy…this is what I feel because if I don’t talk to Priya or any other of my friends I feel very disconnected…I’m very talkative by nature so I feel odd if I don’t converse with people daily. And talking and sharing our things with people makes us feel lighter.

- Does modern technology have an effect on personal contact? Why?
Yes it does! Interacting through modern technology is totally making people unaware of reading people’s faces and body language when they talk face to face. Also it is seen that many people are able to talk a lot on chat and messaging but not face to face.

- Do you think modern devices make personal contacts among friends less frequent?
Yes I do…people would not want to meet their friends personally if they have chatted with each other for an hour in the day. They feel satisfied with the conversation they had so they don’t feel the need of physically meeting that person.

- What benefits can students get from group studying? Why?
I think when people study in groups they become more open to interactions and opinions. For example if 4 friends are studying together and an introvert person from them has the right answer to a question whereas the rest have a wrong one then the shy one can open up and talk to people about the correct answer that will make him feel confident too. And if someone gets corrected in his methods of solving a question he may become more frank about accepting criticism too.
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