Idiom of the day - Get out of hand

    Idioms are a group of words established by frequent usage by native speakers, as having a meaning, not literal, according to the words used in it. (e.g. over the moonsee the light ). In other words, idioms don't mean exactly what they say. They are expressions of speech to give a natural, and artistic feel to your English speech. Idioms are habitually used as a characteristic mode of expression in music or art.

    Today's idiom is: 

    GET OUT OF HAND: If a situation cannot be controlled any more, you say that it got out of hand.

    Eg.: The rally got out of hand as party workers started to throw things at each other.
    Eg.: Tiffany's elder son has really gotten out of hand. He has started drinking and comes home late every night.
    Eg.: The 11th standard students are getting out of hand as their class teacher has been replaced by some other teacher, and they don't like her so much.
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