Word of the day - Laurel

Laurel [pron.: law-rell]

Plural: laurels

1any of a number of shrubs and other plants with dark green glossy leaves, in particular
2an aromatic evergreen shrub related to the bay tree, several kinds of which form forests in tropical and warm countries.
3the foliage of the bay tree woven into a wreath or crown and worn on the head as an emblem of victory or mark of honour in classical times.
Eg.: "King Robert became the first in his family to wear the champions laurel."
4. honour or praise for an achievement.
Eg.: "The director has won many laurels for this most acclaimed movie of his."

Synonyms:honours, awards, trophies, prizes, rewards, tributes, praise, plaudits,
accolades, decorations, titles...

Laurel can also be used as a verb in third person speech.
1. honour by adorning with a laurel or presenting with an award
Eg.: A country should always laurel its brave soldiers.
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