IT'S and ITS - what is the difference?

ITS is a possessive pronoun.

IT'S is a contraction of It is or It has.

It is easy to distinguish between the two words, however it is more easy to get confused. 
If you aren't sure about what to use, just place it is or it has and see if they fit. If not, then its is what you need to use.

It’s a wonderful day for going to the beach.
The dog and its puppies are sleeping in the backyard.

It’s (it has) been a really hectic week.
This restaurant has its own car park.

It’s great to meet you!
Guess its colour.

The cat is so violent it’s (it has) scratched all the sofas.
The court has reached its decision.

It’s going to be okay.
The mouse ran around in its cage.
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