What is IELTS?

IELTS - International English Language Testing System

The IELTS is one of the most reliable tests of English proficiency in the world. It is accepted in over 9000 organisations all over the world, and is valid for people who want to go abroad for academic purposes or for professional interests. For more detailed information, please visit www.ielts.org.

There are 2 modules in IELTS:

Academic Module - AM
If you’re going abroad to study further
General Module - GM
If you’re going abroad to work, or aim for permanent residency
The test format is as follows:
30 mins + 10 mins
4 sections – 40 questions
30 mins + 10 mins
4 sections – 40 questions
The audio will be played only once, for 30 minutes, after which 10 minutes are given to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. This test is the same for both modules. Question types are MCQs, F/Bs, labelling charts, etc.
60 mins
3 passages  – 40 questions
60 mins
4 passages  – 40 questions
The comprehension passages here will also have MCQs & F/Bs, with some other varying questions. Here no extra time is given at the end of the test to transfer your answers.
60 mins
2 tasks – 1. Graph
  2. Essay
60 mins
2 tasks – 1. Letter
                 2. Essay
The minimum word limit for task 1 is 150, and for task 2 is 250, for both modules. Task 2 carries more weightage than 1.
12-15 minutes (average)
12-15 minutes (average)
This test is the same for both modules. You are interviewed one-on-one by an examiner, in a series of familiar topics like home, studies, work, hobbies, opinions, festivals, etc. divided in 3 sections. The interview timing is subject to change.
The LRW (Listening, Reading and Writing test) is taken together on a single day. The Speaking test is taken separately before your LRW if you've registered for IELTS with IDP education, and after if you've registered with British Council.

IDP Education is a body based in Australia that governs IELTS in India. For more information, visit www.ieltsidpindia.com
British Council is a body based in the UK that governs IELTS in India. For more information, visit ielts.britishcouncil.org/india
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  2. Dear Martha,

    Thank you!
    Just checked your blog out too, and I'm really happy to have your views on mine!

  3. Thanks for the heads up! IELTS is very challenging and it should not be taken for granted. It needs time as well as constant review and practice.

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  4. I work with many 'highly skilled' migrants. Doctors in fact. And I can assure you that the requirement for an English language test is entirely necessary. I think you'll find you have to sit the IELTS test if applying to work in the UK or US as well.

    IELTS for Australian Immigration

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