Word of the day - Piquant

Piquant [pron.: pee-kahnt]

Piquancy [pron.: pee-kahn-see]
Piquantly [pron.: pee-kahnt-ly]

1. having a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavour
synonyms: spicy, tangy, hot, tasty, flavorsome...

2. pleasantly stimulating or exciting to the mind
synonyms: stimulating, lively...

Eg.: Jalapeno peppers have a very nice piquant taste.
Eg.: His story of winning the race was a piquant one.
Eg.: I asked the chef to taste and measure the piquancy in the dish before serving.
Eg.: Though not a good dancer, she managed to perform piquantly at the wedding. Everyone liked her dance and praised her.
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