2500 visitors and counting!

Within just 60 days of starting this blog, we have received a flattering response from all over. On this day when the visitors to ELTnest account for 2500, we take this overwhelming opportunity to thank all our readers and the people who commented on the posts, some of them, established bloggers themselves. All the emails that have come in with feedbacks and suggestions are really appreciated, so keep more of them coming at eltnest@gmail.com.

This has been an uplifting journey and we are only too determined to keep augmenting this blog, so as to enhance your experience here.

Cheers to reaching 5000 soon!

Keep loving English!!

2500 visitors and counting! 2500 visitors and counting! Reviewed by Devanshi on March 08, 2016 Rating: 5

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  1. Congratulations to eltnest for 25,000 massive visitors. I am also a daily visitor to eltnest for reading and learning idioms.


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