#1 - IELTS Speaking Test in New Zealand - Feb. 2016

Test # 1

- What is your full name?
It is (name_father's name_surname)

- Can I see your ID?
Yes sure! Here it is.

- Where are you from?
I am basically from (native place) but I have been living in (current city) since my birth.

- Do you work or study?
I study. I am doing Bachelors in Commerce, and I'm currently in the 2nd year out of the 3 years of my course.

- Did you learn to ride a bicycle in your childhood?
Yes I did. I started riding a training bike since I was 3 years old. And it was in the 5th standard, that is at 10 years of age, when I got my first bicycle without the training wheels.

- Is it easy to ride a bicycle in your country?
Umm, yes I think. I mean I used to ride my bicycle to school and I hardly faced any difficulties even when driving on main roads. So it was definitely safe back then. I think it should not be very different now too.

- What are the benefits of riding a bicycle for a child?
Well, I can say that children learn to become independent, and develop road and traffic sense early on. Also, riding your bike to school or anywhere with friends is one of the many rare, extremely special memories that can be experienced only in your childhood.

- Is it safe to ride a bicycle on roads?
As I said, I did not have much trouble riding on main roads as well...maybe because my city was developing and it has now become a mega city, so the scenario might be different on the roads now. But it is safe to ride bikes on roads as long as the children are not too frisky.

- What type of music do you like?
I like all kinds of music, I am not very choosy about it as long as it isn't that loud that it becomes mind numbing. I do have a preference for Bollywood party music, and good instrumentals, but even if anything else is being played, I'm fine with it.

- Do you still like the same music that you liked in your childhood? Why?
To be honest I don't actually remember what kind of music I used to like when I was a child. However, I'm sure whatever it may have been, my choice must've changed, as now I like more of soft instrumentals, and being a kid I'm sure I must not have liked to hear this sort of music....apart from when I wanted to sleep probably!

Cue Card
Describe a toy that you used to play with as a child. Please say
- What was it?
- Who gave it to you and when?
- When and where did you use to play with it?
In my childhood I used to love to play with Barbie dolls! They used to come in a variety of characters, and back then it was my dream to have all of them! They were expensive so of course my parents sensibly didn't fulfil this lavish demand of mine, but I still had quite a collection of these dolls. All of them were brought for me by my mother only, and the most special one was brought when I was 6 years old....it was a fairy princess Barbie, with transparent green wings attached to her shoulders and she had a small emerald coloured tiara on her head! I thought this was the most beautiful of my dolls and I kept it as my prized possession! I never took it out when any of my friends came to play...that's how jealously I guarded it! I used to make up all sorts of stories in my head while playing with it, pretending to be a queen of some castle, and this fairy princess being my best friend and such crazy stuff! I also cajoled my mother into stitching a tiny pink coloured dress for her as pink and green were my favourite colours. I played with my dolls till I was 13 years old, and I recently gave all my dolls away, this one too, to my niece who has now turned 4 and is as fond of dolls as I was.


- How does media attract children towards toys?

Media, as in advertisers display their products in such an attractive manner that the already restless minds of children get even more influenced and convinced to buy that particular game or toy. They show kids feeling very happy while playing with that product and self promote a sense of longing in the children for that toy.

- Do children learn any good habits from playing with toys?
Yes they do! I think children become very imaginative when they play with toys. For example while playing blocks, they learn to arrange and distinguish shapes and colours. Also, when they are role playing with those small utensils, or doctors instruments and all such things, they mimic the grown ups they have observed so they also learn the mannerisms of adults. And as I said about me, that I used to imagine all sorts of things while playing with dolls...so yes I feel children do learn good things. 

- Do you think preference for toys changes with age? Why?
Yes it does! When children keep growing up, they start becoming fond of different things. As we know, children cannot stay engaged with just one toy or game for a long time, so their choices keep changing as they keep getting older.

- Do you think some parents are spending too much money on toys?
Ummm...unfortunately they are spending a lot nowadays, be it because the toys have become quite expensive, or the children nowadays are way more demanding than in the past.

- What does attract children towards a toy, in your opinion?
I think novelty of the toy attracts them first of all. Then maybe because of the way it is advertised or promoted, or if they see a similar toy with their friends, then they might want to have that too.

- Which are the preferable toys for children now? Why?
Nowadays children like to play with electronic gadgets, or multi-functional toys, like a Gameboy, or a Playstation or an Xbox or something. It is because these games and toys are very good in terms of graphics and sound effects and they catch the attention of all kids.

(Question source: www.ielts-blog.com) 
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