GOLDEN RULE for all English Language Tests

"Always answer the question exactly and promptly!"

For instance, if the question asks you to describe an orange, do not start by saying that you have a basket full of oranges, apples, and pears, and you shall now proceed to talk about an orange. In other words, your answer to a question must be exactly what is required, and not very textbookish. You must be sure of the type of information you are asked to give as an answer, and how you need to present that information to give an accurate answer.

This advice might seem very obvious, yet failure to remember and apply the Golden Rule is one of the main reasons why candidates do not score well in the test as they believe that they should.

Know the type of information the test asks you to give:

Is the answer an explanation? you just have to agree or disagree? you have to answer keeping a third person's viewpoint in mind?...
Is the answer a number?...a word?...a place?...a name?...
Do you have to answer for a specified time or until you run out of genuine content?

Know what you have to do with the information:

Do you have to answer in no more than a specified number of words?
Do you have to fill a word in a blank?...or write the number of the word from the list of words provided?
Do you have to complete a sentence?...and be grammatically correct in doing so, or just copy the words from a given passage?

Remember, know what you have to answer, and give that information precisely and meticulously.
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