Popular Myths about IELTS

I can cheat or copy in the IELTS test.
The conditions at all test centres are stringent. Copying from others, or trying to get someone else to give the test in your place is highly disfavoured and the methods of catching these malpractices are fool-proof.

If I use lots of big words in Speaking or Writing, I will score well. 
You obviously need to display a wide range of vocabulary but you should do this appropriately. Learning a list of words and then dropping them into your essay, without really thinking about the meaning will look unnatural and will not impress the examiner.

If I give the IELTS test from a smaller town, I will get a good score.

The IELTS examiners and exam conditions are standardised for every test centre. The marking system is the same everywhere.

If I have an American/ British/Australian accent in Speaking, I will get a good score.
Do not fake it. If you’re from India or any neighbouring part, talk in a neutral accent because that IS our accent. Of course, regional diction should be removed at all costs for a better score.

If I differ from the opinion of the examiner in the Writing module, I will score less.

The examiner will be checking your ability of using English for clearly expressing your views. There is no right or wrong opinion.

It is just a language exam so I don’t need to concentrate like Maths or something.
Although IELTS tests just your English skills, it majorly scores based on your ability to use English to express yourselves intelligently within certain time frames. Do not take it lightly.

If I get my paper re-assessed, I will definitely get a lower score.
The second (re-assessed) result does become your official score; however the bands given in the first attempt do not decrease. They will stay the same, if not increased.

Small words like ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘or’, ‘so’ are not included in the word count in the Writing module.

Every word after a space is counted.
If you book your test date on the day both General and Academic exams are conducted, your paper will be easy.

This is purely a rumour. The papers for both Academic and General Training modules are designed according to their specific standards and have no discrimination for specific dates.

IELTS is a very easy exam compared to other tests.
IELTS is one of the globally acclaimed tests and is highly recommended for global migration across the globe. It is as difficult as the other tests.
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  2. My IELTS Score was not too enough after hard practicing I got band 7.0


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