#11 - IELTS Speaking test in Bangladesh – March 2016

- What is your full name?
My name is (name)_(surname).

- Can I see your ID?
Yes sure!

- Where are you from?
I'm from Ahmedabad. It is the biggest city of the state of Gujarat.

- Do you work or study?
I’m working as a software engineer in a private firm called Paragon Softwares.

- Describe your job, please.
I’m in charge of handling all the queries related to the malfunction of our company’s accounting software that has been installed in systems of various offices across India. I do not speak to the clients directly; our customer service executive does that, and those leads are forwarded to me where I give a backend solution and inform the customer representative about the status of the complaint or query.

- Where were you born?
I was born in Mumbai, in Maharashtra. That is where my mother’s family resides.

- Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Ahmedabad. My mother married and came here, where my father had settled. So two months after I was born, I came to Ahmedabad and have been living here since.

- Do you think it was a good place to grow up? Why?
Yes definitely! Ahmedabad is ranked as one of the safest cities of our country, and the harmony among the people is admirable. It is a small city, compared to other metros in our country, but since the last decade it is growing to be a mega city.

- Do people of your country use social media?
Yes most of the people in India use social applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and the like. People in India are very techno savvy I feel, and they love to try out any new innovation in the market, in terms of technology I mean.

- How do you use social media?
I am a regular user of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. The first one is a site where I can connect with old friends and new, share the happenings of my life and see theirs, and come across other such related news feeds regarding people I know. Whatsapp and Instagram are mobile applications, the former one being a free messaging and calling app, that I use the most out of all the three, to communicate with my friends on a daily basis. The latter one is an app where people post only photographs, maybe of themselves or something they find worth sharing. That is a fun app too.

- Will you change your involvement with social media in the future?
Yes I think so. Right now I use social media whenever I’m free, but I think as I’ll grow career-wise, my free time will reduce, and even in the little that I would have, I would probably want to do something productive. So yeah I feel my involvement with social media wold change in the future.

- What do you prefer - hand-writing or typing on a computer? Why?
I love to write! So obviously I prefer writing by hand. I think typing becomes more of a droning activity whereas in writing by hand you can get excited when using new stationery or when you write in creative handwriting. Atleast, that’s what I feel so yeah…I prefer writing by hand.

- Do you think good handwriting is important? Why?

Yes it is! I feel it is a mark of a good, trained personality. When I see someone having bad handwriting I immediately judge them to be lazy and don’t-carish, as I feel someone who has a good handwriting will have had the perseverance to have done the same, and the one with bad handwriting would have not.

Cue Card
Talk about a street that you like the most. Please say
- What is this street and where is it located?
- Why do you like it?
- How did it influence your life?
I would like to talk about a street called Law Garden road in my city, Ahmedabad. This street is located around a very famous garden in my city, which is named Law Garden….hence, the street’s name. There are two adjoining streets actually, one is totally laden with roadside shops of clothes, footwear, accessories and stuff, and the other one is a roadside eating hub, where around 50 alfresco settlements are established, selling numerous cuisines. The shopping area of this street is very vibrant and colourful and a lot of hustle-bustle can be seen on that street. Young girls, women, mothers with children, and with family, all come to shop here. There are a few people selling clay idols for home décor, which are very aesthetic and reasonable to buy. The shopkeepers here are also settled here since 20-30 years so this is a reliable source for shopping for people. Generally the shoppers visit the street in the evening at around 5 pm, shop for some hours, and then hit the eating street with their families, and spend a gala time there. Overall, a day spent here can prove to be an enjoyable one.

- How often do you walk on this street?
Not walk, but I drive through this street everyday. It is my daily route for my office. I go here to shop once in 4 months, but for eating, once a week.

- Do you think that roads and streets of your city are attractive? Why?
Yes they are! They are wide and clean, and there are bushes planted on either side of almost all the roads. There are some streets where the walls have been graffitied and painted by art students in a very creative manner. These streets look very unique.

- What do you think about the safety on roads in your city?
Some five years ago I could’ve said that road safety was an issue that the people of my city didn’t worry about. But now there are a lot of cases of road rage where the drivers are very impatient and drive rashly without any considerations. I can say that at present, road safety is a big issue that people need to take seriously.

- Do you think location of shops and businesses is important in the city? Why?
Yes, shops and business need to be located in areas that are conducive to their trade, otherwise they won’t flourish and earn money. For example, if a fast food joint opens up in an area where the majority population is of the elderly, it won’t do well. On the other hand if it opens up a shop in a commercial business area, all the working people from nearby would be coming there.

- Do you think that there will be fewer shops in your city in the future? Why?
I don’t know. I don’t think so that the shops will become lesser, seeing the amount of competition and the varied ever-increasing needs of the people.

- Do you think the number of large businesses will increase in the city in the near future?
Yes they would. Nowadays a lot of start-ups are developing and in a span of a few years they would obviously strive to grow larger.

- Why do you think so?
Any business runs and operates to earn profits, and maximize them continuously. So definitely a small company at the start would work to become bigger, and looking at the growing number of entrepreneurs and their businesses, I feel large businesses will definitely increase in a few years.
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