#6 - IELTS Speaking Test in Singapore - March 2016

Test # 6

- What is your full name?
My name is (name)_(father's name)_(surname)

- Can I see your ID?
Yes sure!

- Where are you from?
I'm from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

- Do you work or study?
I am an engineering student, in the fifth semester of my undergrad program.

- Do you like to visit the countryside? Why?
I don't like it so much. My native place is in the countryside and the route to reach there is not very well built so I feel very irritated to go there.

- When do you visit it?
I and my family go to our house there once every 3-4 months...or if there is some occasion like a festival or a religious event.

- What do you usually do there?
We usually get our house cleaned up first as it stays shut for the the time we aren't there. My father knows a few people staying in the village so we go and meet them for sometime. There's also an old temple which we visit...it is said that the idol of the temple is miraculous.

- Lets talk about colours.

- What colours do you like?
I like bright colours. They make me feel good...I don't know why, but if I'm wearing a bright coloured outfit I feel very cheerful.

- Which is your favourite?
My favourites are parrot green and mango yellow to be specific.

- Why do you like this particular colour?
As I said, they are very bright, and I think they work very well with my complexion.

Cue Card
Talk about a famous person whom you would like to meet in person. Please say
- Who is this person?
- What is he/she famous for?
- Why do you want to meet him/her?
I would like to meet our honourable prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. I am really fascinated by his persona and I'm a big admirer of the contributions he has made to uplift the Indian economy. I have been following his work since he was the chief minister of my state Gujarat. He has made some exceptional efforts in improving the infrastructure of Gujarat, and as a result we have been surveyed as having the best roads, even in the villages, among all the states of India. He has also brought many big industries to open up their manufacturing plants in Gujarat thereby increasing the employment opportunities. Now since he has become the prime minister, he has been travelling a lot to different countries, holding meetings with the world leaders, and formulating policies for the development of India. Due to his efforts, people are recognising India as an emerging superpower, which is quite a big deal. The opposing parties have been criticizing him to pull him down whenever they get a chance, but he is standing his ground without paying much heed, which is one more thing about him to admire. He is also one of the most presentable and stylish leaders of my country who influences the youth of my country successfully. For all these reasons, I would like to meet him and have a talk about his future endeavours for the country too if possible.

- Do you agree that media focuses more on bad news rather than bringing good news to people?
Yes I agree, as people have a tendency to get influenced by and attracted to bad news more than the good one. I don't know why this is though, it should not happen, rather it should be the other way round.

- Should media focus more on domestic or international news, in your opinion?
Media should focus on news that is relevant and necessary for the people to know about, be it domestic or international.

- Do you like the fact that media gives importance to the news about famous personalities, politicians and so on? Why?
No I don't. In fact I feel celebrities become so, due to undeserved media attention on whatever little thing they have achieved. Media believes in profitability and giving supply to demand. So they promote famous people even more, which I don't think is good journalism.  
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