#8 - IELTS Speaking Test in Canada – March 2016 (Full interview of the previously published cue card)

- What is your full name?
My name is (name)_(surname).

- Can I see your ID?
Yes sure!

- Where are you from?
I'm from Ahmedabad. It is the biggest city of the state of Gujarat.

- Do you work or study?
I'm studying management from PR Institute of management studies in my city.

- Describe your hometown.
Ahmedabad is a cosmopolitan city with a rapidly growing economy. On the industrial and corporate front, my hometown is doing really well in inviting major companies to set up bases in and around Ahmedabad. In terms of infrastructure too my hometown is becoming very developed.

- Is it a safe place for kids to grow up?
Yes! Without a doubt! The crime rate of my city is the least in my country. We have many parks and playgrounds for children to play in, wider roads for them to cycle around safely. We also have top ranking schools in Ahmedabad that take really good care of children.

- What is the government doing to make sure children can be raised in a better atmosphere?
The government is making sure that the safety of children is not breached due to any reason. There are many policemen deployed around schools and around places where children frequently visit. Also many seminars are conducted by our education minister to counsel children regarding career and life choices.

Cue Card
Talk about someone who flies more often than normal due to some reasons. Please say
- When and where did you meet him/her?
- What are his/her reasons for flying so much?
- Does he/she like this job and the amount of flying involved?
I would like to talk about a friend of mine who is an aircraft service engineer. His work involves him flying a lot to the places he’s needed. I met him at a cousin’s birthday party, around 2 years back. He was talking about how he has to travel frequently to places in Asia and the Middle East, and was glad to be in his hometown for holidays. What he has to do is, whenever he gets a call from any airline that his company serves about a defect in the engine, he has to immediately rush and board a flight for the place the particular plane has malfunctioned. For example the other morning we were planning for a movie, but we came to know in the evening that he had to go to Dubai as some plane had to land because a bird jammed its propellers. He says in this way he keeps missing out even on small fun plans with his friends and family and he doesn’t like that. Initially when he took this job up he was really happy and excited to travel around, but now he feels it’s spoiling his social life. He has been doing this for 4 years now and is looking for a job change.

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- What steps should the government take to decrease the amount of air pollution due to air traffic?
I think new methods of engines using alternative fuels should be researched as people are not going to stop travelling. It will only increase. So I guess we need more energy efficient transportation systems, be it flights or trains.

- Do you think business people fly more than others? Why?
I think they do. I have a friend who’s an exporter and he has to travel to different trade exhibitions every 3 months. His work requires him to go meet and lock in new clients for his business.

- Why do you think people prefer to travel by air rather than other means of transportation?
Because air transport takes such less time, people prefer that more. We’re all running on such tight schedules nowadays, trying to push 24 hours in to 30, that people want as less time wasted as they can allow. Another relevant reason can be for the luxury of flying in planes.

- Do you prefer comfort over price?
Yes I do. I get really cranky when I haven’t travelled comfortably and I want then to sleep in a comfortable bed to shed the tiredness off. It then becomes a waste of time so I’d prefer to travel properly.

- Why is that?
I’d like to explain this with the help of an example. I once went to Mumbai in train in a normal class as I didn’t get the tickets for the AC compartment. It was a night journey and the whole night I kept awake because of the loud rattling and clanking sounds of the train and the icy breeze that was blowing in the compartment. The next day my face looked so tired and I was unable to enjoy the day fully. 

#8 - IELTS Speaking Test in Canada – March 2016 (Full interview of the previously published cue card) #8 - IELTS Speaking Test in Canada – March 2016 (Full interview of the previously published cue card) Reviewed by Devanshi on April 05, 2016 Rating: 5

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