#14 - IELTS Speaking test in India – April 2016

Test # 14
- What is your full name?
My name is Seema Goyal.

- Can I see your ID?
Yes sure.

- Where are you from?
I'm from Jaipur, that’s in the state of Rajasthan in western India.

- Do you work or study?
I’m working as an chartered accountant in a private firm called Hiren Bansal and associates.

- Describe your job, please.
I am responsible for carrying out the audits and handling the accounts and records for a few of the companies that my firm caters to.

- Would you like to do the same type of work in the future?
Yes, but I would be opening my own accountancy or consultancy firm in the future.

- What is your aim?
My aim is to own one of the most premier accounting firms in my country, maybe even make a mark internationally if I am blessed enough.

- How important is writing for you?
Writing is very important for me. There are a lot of notes that I have to make frequently while being on call with my clients, regarding their account registers. I don’t prefer to make voice notes or typed notes on my phone or PC. I believe written text is better for the brain to remember.

- Do you prefer handwriting or typing on a computer?
As I said, I don’t prefer typing when it comes to writing something useful for my work. And apart from this, I am not required to write much of anything else.

- Why is handwriting vanishing from our society?
It is vanishing because people now have tools that require types text only, to be sent or received. Like your mobile phone. Plus there’s the option of autocorrection, and also using many fonts and all, so people find typing more efficient.

Cue Card
Talk about an important conversation you had with someone recently. Please say:
- What was it about?
- Where and when did it take place?
- How did it help you?
I had a talk last week with my best friend about her boyfriend and the relationship she was in. Both of them were quite serious about the relationship and wished to marry. But my friend was skeptical of the reaction she would get after she told her parents about it. Actually, she had this relationship hidden from her parents as she was afraid they wouldn’t approve of it. Anyways, now that they both were ready to take the next big step, she came to me for advice on how to approach her parents with this. We talked for hours at my house trying to understand any reactions her parents might have had about similar kind of news pertaining to others in their circle. We decided it would be best to not beat around the bush and sugar coat the thing, but to come out clear and straightforward. I also advised her to be brave and strong and reason the topic out with her parents and not be too emotional in the discussion, and neither let the parents be, too. I also offered to be with her at the time she decided to tell her parents, for moral support. It did not help me a great deal to be honest, but I wanted to stand by my friend in this huge decision of hers.

- What is the role of conversations in our life?
Conversations let out our feelings and help us share them with others. Conversations make us feel lighter and also make others feel they are important so as to be a part of our feelings and opinions that we shared with them.

- What are people talking about on daily basis?
On a daily basis people may talk about their day and the routine they have, for example I talk to a friend of mine every day. We talk about what we did in a day, and any new thing that we came across, maybe gossip a little, and share any updates that we see on each of our Facebook walls.

- What is the basic difference between men’s and women’s conversations?
Women are capable of talking and opinionating about anything under the sun, and they can go on for hours...men on the other hand talk only when necessary, and if they’re in a situation, say like a party, they’d probably talk a bit about work, and would sip their drinks or something the rest of the time.

- Why do you think it is so?
I read an article in a magazine somewhere, that women devote more brain cells to talking, than men. I don’t exactly remember how it was explained right now, but I guess some of both - biological and psychological factors are responsible for women to talk more than men.
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