#23 - IELTS Speaking test in the USA - May 2016

Test # 23

- What is your full name?
My name is Sahil Patel.

- Can I see your ID?
Yes sure!

- Where are you from?
I’m from Ahmedabad, in Gujarat in the Western part of India.

- Do you work or study?
I’m a student of Fashion design…I’m studying from JTJ Institute of Design in Ahmedabad.

- Describe your hometown.
Sure! My hometown is a metropolitan city, which has been declared as a megacity by my country’s government because of the rapid technological and infrastructural development. In terms of safety too, my city is one of the best in my country with the crime rate being very less. The job opportunities are increasing too and hence the lifestyle of the people is also developing for the better.

- Do you love your city? Why?
Yes I love my city a lot! I have lived here since my birth…that is 26 years…and I am familiar with the roads, the neighborhoods and the people here. I’m very much addicted to my city’s lifestyle…it is very easy going and fun!

- Would you like to live in the countryside?
I would, but not for ever…I mean I stayed in my native place for one month at a stretch…but that was quite enough! I started missing city life after that….I agree the life in the country is very peaceful and relaxing…maybe I’d give it a thought when I’m supposed to retire, but not presently.

- Are you going out with friends?
Yes I am…I and my friends love to go out for movies or eating.

- How often do you do it?
We go every Sunday. But if we can, we also meet once or twice in a week, just for a drive or so.

- Where do you usually go?
My city’s night life doesn’t involve clubbing or partying…the people here love to eat out…we have a lot of restaurants in my city serving many different types of cuisines so we keep visiting there. We also go to some fresco settlements which also serve amazing food.

- Do you prefer to go out in a big or small group? Why?
I like to go out in a small group, with only 4-5 people other than me. I like quality conversations and that’s not possible when a lot of people are together.

Cue Card
Talk about an instance when you decided to wait for something or somebody. Please say
- What did you wait for?
- What did you do while waiting?
- How did you feel about it?
Please click here to check out the solution to this answer in another interview that was published earlier this month.

- Do you have to wait often?
No not that much. If I’m meeting with the people I know, I know their punctuality patterns, so I meet them accordingly. For someone new, if the situation calls for it, then I wait.

- On what occasions do people have to wait usually, in your country?
People wait for public transport, for their train or plane if they’re travelling somewhere. People also wait in queues in banks and post offices. There are also many personal instances where people have to wait for friends or relatives.

- What would you suggest to reduce the waiting time?
I’d suggest people to be punctual. Unpunctuality is a sign of indiscipline in my view. Apart from circumstances out of my control, I am very punctual and reach everywhere on time and it’s not a very hard thing to do. I always set my watch 10 minutes ahead of time…so for example if I get stuck in traffic, I still have a few minutes to spare as I left early.

- Why do you think it would work?
It would work because many of the frustrations and derailment of plans rise only because you’re late for one thing, and then it forms a chain for other activities after that. Reaching a bit before time gives a good impression and you also don’t have to rush madly on the way to wherever you’re going, jeopardizing your safety on roads.

- Some say that sometimes we need to wait to start valuing things more.
Mmhmm…I’ve heard it a lot too!

- Do you agree or disagree? Why?
I completely agree, but only in some serious cases. I don’t say waiting for a friend at a restaurant while he comes late would make me value him more. But if taken in the example of work, if you’re expecting a promotion, you need to work steadily and wait, not be aggressive in your approach, and then when you get promoted, you actually value that post.

- Do you think patience is crucial for everyone? Why?

Yes it is but unfortunately in today’s society not many people have it. Everyone’s too hostile to take a minute from their day and be considerate towards others. And it is in this environment only that a little patience can bring a lot of peace of mind to people.
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