#27 - IELTS Speaking test in Iran and Spain – May 2016 (General Training)

Test # 27

- What is your full name?
My name is Riya Verma.

- Can I see your ID?

- Where are you from?
I’m from a small town, Anand, in Gujarat.

- Do you work or study?
I’m studying bachelors in management and I’m in my second year of education.

- Where do you live now?
I live in Ahmedabad, that’s around 1 hour away from Anand. I’m staying here for my studies.

- Do you like living there? Why?
Yes I like it there! It is a much developed city than my town, and there are so many things to do for entertainment. There are really good restaurants here serving many kinds of international cuisines….it’s really fun to hang out in this city with friends.

- Let’s talk about flowers.

- Do you like flowers?
Yes…infact I love flowers! My favourites are lilies and daisies!

- Do you often buy flowers?
Yes I do! I think once every 15 days I buy a flower, even if it is for myself. I place it in a vase that’s in my room, and it stays there for a couple of days till it gets shrivelled.

- On which occasions do people buy and gift flowers?
People gift flowers on birthdays, anniversaries…basically any happy occasion…and also if you want to woo someone, or apologize…flowers work like magic there too!

Cue Card
Talk about your favorite place in the city where you live. Please say
- What and where is it?
- How often do you go there?
- Why do you like this place?
My favourite place in the city is a beautiful lake name Thol. It is actually a few kilometres away from the city, but it takes around 20 minutes to reach if we go there early in the morning from where I live. This lake is very popular as it is a migratory destination for birds that fly here for the winter. It is a huge lake surrounded by lush greenery and it is a very scenic place for watching sunrises and sunsets! I often go here with my friends when we plan to bunk college. We bring sandwiches and chips and have a little picnic here in the early hours of the morning. Ahmedabad has very few natural water bodies and this is one of them.

- What are the advantages of both country and city living?
Living in the country allows you to have a peaceful, laidback life…no problems of air and noise pollution, which is there in the cities…but on the other hand living in the cities gives you a chance to enjoy watching movies in big multiplexes, dining in fancy restaurants, having so many places to hang out with friends, something which is very limited in the countryside.....

- Where would you like to live?
I would like to live in cities only…having lived most of my life in cities I don’t think I’ll be able to adjust to village life…

- Why do you think the government charges fees for entry to libraries, public swimming pools and other public places?
Government charges a small amount for all these places because everyone is allowed to use the facilities of these places freely…so to maintain them, government has to charge some amount, otherwise people would misuse these facilities…

- Are there places in your country where the development of recreational activities is encouraged?
Yes there are many places in my city where recreational activities are encouraged…we have hobby classes where people go to enhance their hobbies like painting or dancing…there are coaching centres which teach various sports…apart from all these things my city has an exclusive club with tennis and basketball courts, card rooms and open air theatres where people can come and relax and enjoy with their families…
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