#17 - IELTS Speaking test in Saudi Arabia – April 2016

Test # 17

- What is your full name?
My name is Sangita Agarwal.

- Can I see your ID?
Yes sure!

- Where are you from?
I’m from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

- Where is your home town?
My hometown is Japiur only. I’ve been living there since my birth, i.e. 22 years.

- What do you like about it?
I like the fact that it is one of the famous cities of my country. It is exceptionally rich in Rajasthani culture and heritage. We have a lot of tourist attractions in the city and the food here is superb as well.

- How is it changing?
It is changing in terms of infrastructure, industries and lifestyle. Many MNCs are opening their branches in Jaipur and employment opportunities have increased. The infrastructure of the new Jaipur city is becoming more luxurious and swanky, obviously reflecting the upgrading lifestyle of the people.

- Do you work or study?
I have completed my graduation in Business Administration, and currently I’m working in a private bank.

- What do you do?
My designation is Exclusive Customer Relations Officer; it’s my job to handle all account related queries of the clients assigned to me.

- Where do you live now?
I live in Jaipur, with my parents.

- What do you like about your home?
I like that my home is spacious and airy and in a very peaceful locality. My mother has made a small home garden by the main door with different potted plants. Also the interior of my house is traditionally Rajasthani which I like.

- What would you like to change there?
I’d change the curtains of every room of my house. I never did like them since the time they were put up. They are ones that you have to pull up and down with a string and I hate doing that. I prefer normal curtains that you can move by hand.

- Did you enjoy science lessons at school?
Yes I did! Our science teacher was very young and educated and knew how to make learning fun for students. So we really enjoyed her classes.

- Do you watch science programs?
I watch just one that comes on Sundays at 11 am, called Backyard Science. It features really cool home science experiments.

- How often do you watch them?
I watch it every Sunday. I may miss it if I have to do something else at that time. I’m not a very ardent follower, although I do enjoy watching it.

Cue Card
Talk about your best friend. Please say
- Where and when did you first meet?
- Why is he/she your best friend?
- What do you usually do together?
I met my best friend when I was in the second standard. Actually we were classmates since Junior Kindergarten, but we always despised each other. We kept complaining about each other to teachers to get the other one in trouble. However, our second standard class teacher decided to make us sit together to put an end to that. And she was right. The first few days were really horrible where we both were really mean to each other. But after that we started getting used to each other’s presence and started getting comfortable. Well, the rest is history and today we are the best of friends. We know everything about each other and we talk every day. Our choices are very similar and we both enjoy doing the same things. Whenever we are together we talk about anything that comes into our heads, but we don’t stay quiet. We also like eating, so we generally meet at some eating joint, new or regular. We have grown to be such good friends because we have helped each other a lot of times in any trouble that we had. We both understand each other very well and that understanding works in a lot of opinions too that we share.

- Is it possible for a manager and employees to become friends?
Yes why not! If they share same understanding and opinions about things, and they are comfortable with each other’s company they can become friends. There are many people in my bank, including me, in top level management who are friends with their subordinates.

- Some people believe it is not possible. Why?
Ummmm….they might feel so because if the barrier of authority is breached then the manager won’t have any control over the employee’s actions and neither would he be able to command him. Vice versa, the employee can also be taken advantage of by the manager dumping off work more than required in the cover of friendship and the employee is in an awkward position to say no. But I think these things can only happen if one of the persons in the relationship is conceited and uncivilized.

- If some other employees at your work were having problems with the manager, how would you help them?
If the problem concerns me, I would have a say in the matter and try to reason things out between them to the extent of my authority. But if I or my department is nowhere involved, then I would not like to interfere.

- Is cooperation important at every job? Why?
Yes of course! Without co-operation a team cannot work smoothly. If we keep on tackling petty issues in our work resulted by lack of co-operation and understanding, then the productivity of the work is harmed.

- Is modern communication affecting nations? How?
Yes it is! People are now easily able to connect with people from countries abroad and share ideas and opinions on public forums on the internet. This gives people a better understanding of the mentality of the people from various parts of the world. We don’t have to rely on stereotyped impressions of the people that are shown in the media.

- How do international events such as the Olympic Games affect people?
International games unite people. For example a football fan of Manchester United, each from England and India going to watch the FIFA World Cup, are both united by their love for their team and their cheers are also an indication of the harmony that is prevalent in such events, despite different nationalities.
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