#28 - IELTS Speaking test in Tokyo - May 2016 (Academic Module)

Test # 28

- What is your full name?
My name is Seema Gupta.

- Can I see your ID?

-Where are you from?
I’m from New Delhi, that’s the capital of my country India.

-Can you describe your hometown?
Sure! My hometown is a metropolitan city actually, and is one of the largest and most populated cities of my country. It is historically very rich and has a number of very famous monuments and places of interest. Delhi is divided into Old and New Delhi, the latter being developed and expanded along the course of time. The people of my hometown are hearty and enthusiastic. My hometown houses most of the politicians of my country.

-Do you wear a hat?
Ummm not so much…I wear hats only on picnics or when I know I’m gonna be out in the sun for a long time.

-On what kind of occasions do people usually wear a hat in your country?
I’m not too sure actually…because the traditional attire of my country doesn’t involve a hat or a cap. I guess the younger generation might be fashioning hats as it is a trend nowadays.

-What do you like to do on the weekends?
I like to meet friends and hang out with them on weekends, as since we all work, we don’t find time to meet up during the week. Also, I’d like to take good long afternoon naps and catch up on any sleep I’ve lost in the week.

-What do you plan to do on the next weekend?

Next Saturday I’m gonna be going for a movie with some of my friends, and then on Sunday for brunch with some others. Rest of the time, I’ll be with my family.

Cue Card
Describe a friend you like spending time with.
-Who is he/she?
-What do you talk about?
-Do you wish you could spend more time with him/her?
I love spending time with my best friend Priya. She and I have been friends since we were 8 years old and we’ve studied in the same school. We have a lot of things in common so we can talk with each other very comfortably. Even our opinions about people are similar. When we get together, we gossip a lot about our classmates and people in our circles. We also love food so we discuss recipes and try making them too. Lately we’ve become fond of cosmetic brands as well, so we try and watch videos about how to use different products. All this apart, we also listen to each other’s advice very faithfully, so whenever any of us is in a situation where we need help, we talk it out and help each other in any way we can. I always want to spend time with her and even if we’ve sat for hours together, I still feel I have a lot more to talk with her.

-Do you think people spend enough time with their friends and family?
I think yes…people do spend enough time with friends and family…for instance I can’t think of any of my friends or cousins who don’t manage time to be with both…there are some people who don’t do that but that’s when you are staying away from your parents or hometown, so you can’t visit your family very often.

-Do you think it is important to spend your free time with your loved ones?
Yes definitely! Being with people and socializing makes you feel fuller in life…when you’re around your friends having a good time you make memories that you cherish for life…same goes for family times as well….

-How do people spend their time on social networking sites?
People spend their time on social sites looking at others…like on Facebook, people go through their walls looking at feeds from other people…this way they get to know what the other person is doing in their life…the same happens on twitter when you follow people and their tweets…

-In what way do social networking sites affect people in terms of communication?
Many people say that face to face communication is reduced due to reactions on social networking sites…but I feel these things have made communication faster…we can talk briefly convey  what we intend to without having to make any unnecessary small talk…I personally think this is a good thing…
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