#25 - IELTS Speaking test in Canada – May 2016 (Academic Module)

Test # 25

- What is your full name?
My name is Chirag Bhatt.

- Can I see your ID?

- Where are you from?
I’m from Indore, the largest city of the state of Madhya Pradesh, in India.

- Do you work or study?
I’m studying…I’m doing my bachelors in dental studies.

- What subjects do you study? Why?
Well I’m in the third year of my course and there are a lot of new subjects that are included this year that are Oral Pathology and Oral Microbiology, Periodontology, Prosthodontics and so on.

- What is your major?
My major is Prosthodontics that I shall study in detail in the next and the last year of my course.

- Do you like swimming?
Yes I do!! But the ironic thing is I’m not very good at it. I just like to waddle in the pool in the shallow end and try a few easy strokes.

- Is swimming popular in your country?
Yes it is! But not as a sport though. Most people think of it as a luxury leisure activity. There are swimming athletes in my country, but not many.

Cue Card
Describe an occasion when you experienced a very loud noise. Please say
- When and where was it?
- What was the source of this noise?
- What were the consequences of it for you?
This happened when I was coming back from work the other day. My usual route has a small patch of slum dwellings and it’s usually very noisy there with people yelling across the street and kids screaming and playing on the roads. However, three days back, there was a wedding procession that was moving on that street and it had slowed the traffic to crawl. There was a big crowd gathered around the groom’s carriage and some people were dancing to songs being played on huge loudspeakers that were loaded in some truck they might’ve hired. I must say neither the songs nor the sound quality of those speakers was very good; it seemed that the sound was really blaring and the song was quite intelligible in that bad, loud sound. It was so loud that the honking of the cars and scooters was also not being heard. I had to slowly move forward as the procession kept clearing the path and by the time I was out of that entire area my head was ringing like a bell, such was the din created by those infernal speakers!

- How long did this occasion last for?
It lasted for around 10-12 minutes, which was the time I was there…it may have gone on for longer than that.

- Nowadays noise pollution is more dangerous even compared to air or water pollution, do you agree? Why?
Yes I do! I believe the excessive noise nowadays makes people irritated, aggressive, unable to react efficiently on the roads and even cause accidents. For example if a person driving a car is listening to loud music, he maybe won’t hear an ambulance wailing behind him to let it pass. This kind of behaviour on the road is unacceptable.

- What are the effects of noise pollution on public places?
Noise pollution makes it impossible for people to hold conversations in normal voices, forcing them to talk loudly, adding to the noise levels. Repeating one thing again for the person who didn’t hear you the first or second time also becomes tiring and people lose interest in talking. Rather, they might pass their time on their phones.

- What can be done to decrease noise pollution?
I want to say common or civic sense should be injected into people’s minds…but on a serious not, it will make a lot of difference if we realise that we all are contributors to this increasing pollution of noise. So we should become a little more composed in our verbose behaviour in order to not aggravate the situation further for others as well.
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