#15 - IELTS Speaking test in Qatar and Kuwait – April 2016

Test # 15

- What is your full name?
My name is Ishani Dave.

- Can I see your ID?
Yes sure!

- Where are you from?
I’m from Ahmedabad, in Gujarat.

- Do you work or study?
I work right now. I have just completed my bachelors in fashion designing, before 2 months.

- What kind of work do you do?
I am doing an internship currently at a boutique in my city. I supervise the tailoring workshop, along with learning about how to work with fabrics and measurements and all such stuff.

- Do you like shopping?
Yes I love shopping!! I think it is kind of a therapy for me, because whenever I feel low, I resort to go to a mall of a superstore to window shop. And if I’m shopping, the day is a very bright one for me.

- How often do you go shopping? Why?
I go whenever I feel like. I think 2-3 times a month…I don’t buy always though, I also like to go to just check out the new arrivals or offers or anything.

Cue Card 1
Describe a situation where you had to stop doing something because of bad weather. Please say
- What was the situation?
- When and where did it take place?
- Why did you decide to stop?

This happened last year in the summers. It was a friend’s birthday and we had decided to meet for lunch. I was in-charge of getting the cake, which I did, but unfortunately my car broke down the previous day and had to be sent for repairs. So I was left with the option of going in a rickshaw or on my two-wheeler. As the day was a little cloudy, I decided to go on my own vehicle only and hung the bag of the cake on the hook near my feet. A few minutes on the way and it started to drizzle. I was very surprised at the possibility of even a drizzle in the month of April. But a couple of minutes later big fat raindrops started falling down and I panicked. I was so afraid that I’d get the cake wet, I immediately stopped on the side of the road under a big tree. It wasn’t doing much good though and I was more worried about the birthday cake than myself, so I called one of my friends to come and pick me up. I was waiting until the time he came, cursing myself to not have chosen to come by a rickshaw. I tried to hide the bag with my jacket as much as possible. My friend came 10 minutes later and I kept the cake in his car, parked my scooty properly again, and then we set off for the restaurant.

Cue Card 2
Talk about an item you purchased recently. Please say
- What is it?
- Where did you purchase it?
- What do you use it for?
I recently bought a shirt for myself from a very famous chain of retail stores in India named Pantaloons. There was a new summer collection that had arrived at the store so I went to check it out. All the clothes were in pastel colours and light shades, and in fabrics of cotton and linen that are very easy to wear in summers. I bought a nice pistachio green colored shirt of a reputed brand and the cost was befitting my pocket too. I wore it the first time, to dinner with my family and everyone liked the style and appreciated my purchase. I have worn it quite a few times now.

- How often do you use this item?
Very often! Since it is a summer colour and style I wish to wear it to my heart’s content in this season only. I’d probably wear it only at home when it gets a little old.

- Do you still like it?
As of right now I do. I haven’t seen anyone else wearing that type of clothing so I feel happy I have a distinguished shirt in my wardrobe.

- Would you recommend it to your friends?

Yes I would! In fact I already did when they asked me about it the time I wore it to meet them.
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